Manny Pacquiao Double Fist Clap Punch “Pompyang” Clottey Video – The fight might be in itself stylistically boring, but Pacquiao tried to make it exciting. He even made a joke of Clottey’s defense using an infraction rule punch using his two fist simultaneously like he was clapping cymbals.

The move resembles that used in a marching band cymbals, also known as “clash cymbals” or “hand cymbals.”

In the Philippines the punch is famously known as “pompyang punch,” used in the movies by one of the country’s famous actor Fernando Poe Jr.

“I was kidding Freddie Roach… I did that during the training, I said: ‘I’m gonna do this in the fight,’” the pound-per-pound king said during an interview in a Philippines TV show. He was chuckling during the interview.

“I just wanted to make the audience laugh,” said Pacquiao, “but coach Freddie told me not to do it twice because the referee might deduct a point.”